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    This is one great venue for B.Tech students who makes a shift of their studies searching for the right materials…Its now your duty to play your trump cards without hesitation…then what you people are waiting for..go ahead and register yourself and make sure you got the right entry point….hurry up before its too late…well we students have put our shoulder to the wheel so that our friends and the upcoming B.Techs could really extract maximum yield…we all are sailing in the same boat throughout our 4 yr course having too many irons in the fire…no more worrying about acquiring texts prior to exam preparations… short of library cards????well, u needn’t worry about that……coz the commander has crossed the Rubican and ordered the troops to make a fresh attack with fierce preparation…thus you can blindly count on your last resort-THE EDUMALL…a reservoir of unlimited technical books…we hereby bequeath all our resource collection to our friends …..EduMall has brought about a Volte-face to the book acquiring system….guys & girls, be on your tiptoes to the upcoming