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  • A Silent Whisper

    Posted on April 26th, 2010 Vijay Velayudhan No comments

    A voice enchants clouded myths upon life;

    A promise of hidden doors and choices;

    Held by, proven too, by those more able;

    That these stand more of a chance, than being a fable…

    A path unwinds the way it is;

    But merely not their lives those followed upon;

    Yet, once a written shall be read;

    Once a born shall surely be dead…

    Haveth forgotten souls in the lap of fate, for whom,

    The beginning of life seems the end;

    And reminisced thus those souls that lie wherein;

    Who believe, the end, for another to begin.

    ‘What happens to’, be not the question;

    ‘What maketh with’ be, to those withdrawn;

    Forever engraved, cast and written upon;

    Are the choices the brave, took on…

    In a battle of light against caverns of the dark;

    Against hit men of e***, for the lost sky lark;

    There lies a promise of men of an endeavor;

    A belief, to fight on, led on in a silent whisper…

    -Vijay Velayudhan

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