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  • After Dark…

    Posted on May 4th, 2010 Vijay Velayudhan No comments

    ‘Twas there he stood;
    I’d seen him there before;
    On the rugged path to a lonely home;
    He was all sad, I knew no more.

    I greeted him and he did too;
    We walked along in the dark;
    I enquired to know more than I knew;
    But he said very little, but sadly too.

    He was once known;
    As friends of friends;
    And what he did was taken a mistake;
    His life, his soul, was at stake.

    He wiped a tear or too;
    In the gloom of darkness;
    I saw his face;
    Never blessed with happiness.

    I stumbled and stopped in my track;
    For it held no reminisce of light;
    But the lone soul moved along;
    Far fading into the covers of the night.

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