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  • Fashion Technology:An outlook

    Posted on May 20th, 2011 Anil Meppadath No comments

    Nowadays, the people are interested in to the latest technologies. The modern people gives more importance to the fashion industries in a wider sense. It means, following the popular style or updating themselves, when it comes to the items like cloths, sandals or sometimes the accessories etc.

    In every country, they have a particular type of culture about their style of wearing, either in the case of the dress material, and sometimes it will be footwear or even the costume designs. This type technology is started in the early stages of the Europe itself. The trendy things are taken into account by the foreign countries especially in Persia, Turkey, china etc.

    In these recent days, the people participate in fashion show, because the people can show their identity as country or their culture or anything else as their unique feature. Now we call the culture identity as traditional dress or traditional costumes etc.

    Some people use hand made things only, some people use machinery things only. However, hand made things have more cost than the other one. In television, also the corresponding producers introduce the fashion TV. Relating to this, there are magazines, blogs in the internet, journalism etc is very active in these times. Most of the people support for these activities too, because it plays an important role for these generations.

    This industry is now named as intellectual property, because it will handle the major role in the film industry. In 2005, the world intellectual property organization introduced a conference to make an idea to protect and promote the textile industries.