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  • Invoke the Rebellion Within…

    Posted on April 25th, 2010 Vijay Velayudhan No comments

    Home was another hundred miles away,

    But farther had he seen that night

    Not just the black roads and the blinding light

    But misery of fellow bikers, fallen in pain

    Yet, they don’t lose, they rise again.

    Pain rushing down his spine,

    And adrenaline pumping in his aching veins

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  • A dream’s Shade of Innocence

    Posted on April 25th, 2010 Vijay Velayudhan No comments

    Spoken much in a dream’s shade of innocence;

    As walking past the vast ocean of time;

    Over and over, life speaks of evanescence;

    Threatening, of a sweet slumber in the lap of time. Read the rest of this entry »

  • A Walk to Remember

    Posted on April 25th, 2010 Vijay Velayudhan No comments

    I remember a little path winding past the woods. When I was a little kid,

    mom used to tell me that there was a forest beyond the path and the path

    itself was really dangerous. I imagined that beyond that path were huge

    monsters who ruled the earth, frightful to behold. Being a little child I’d

    manage only to go near to the path, look for anyone coming the way and then

    run. I believed that I would be someone like superman and fight the

    monsters once I grow up… With my head held up high I’d walk on the path and

    fight the monsters down and I’d save the people from them all …

    My desires to fight these monsters grew. Life had its own thrills then.

    Regretting that I had to disobey mum, I walked on to the path. The world

    was beautiful there. The rays of the sun that blessed the leaves still in

    morning dew. The mountains that held the shaded outline against the sky,

    the clouds that promised gentle showers and the breeze that blew as I

    walked along lost in the beauty of nature. I reached a pond where I’d

    washed my face and looked at myself in the clear reflection. Life was so

    pure. I knew mom didn’t know all this beauty ahead. I wouldn’t have seen

    all this if I’d just sat there at home…

    Hours went by and I continued my journey through the beautiful lands and

    the roads that led to nowhere or to unknowing absolute nothingness… I

    didn’t want to go home without fighting those monsters. The sun grew a bit

    hotter now and the gentle warmth I felt on my back was no more that way.

    That was all just a few thousand steps behind. But i was puzzle again. I

    didn’t find a forest but people. I found shops, hotels, cars and busses

    running as if it was the end of the world. People were hurrying through and

    buying things from shops; ladies’ walking around with little one’s like me…

    Some people patted my head gently as they passed. Everyone was so nice… But

    there was something about these people hurrying around. I thought the

    monsters could be on the way. I picked up a little stick from the ground

    braced to

    fight for the people but nothing came… Sad, I walked back home and all

    along the path I thought about the monsters and my dreams to fight them. I

    was mad at mum for telling me all that nonsense. There was no monster, no

    forest… It was all just a lie so that I wouldn’t go anywhere away from


    When I reached home mum was in tears and I found a lot of people around the

    house. Apparently they had thought I was lost. After a lot of sorry’s and

    hugs mum stopped complaining. I wanted to ask her why she’d lied. But

    something told me I wanted to find out myself… I grew up… There was a day,

    when I had to leave home, mom and dad, friends, everyone. I remember when

    my parents looked at me with unseeing eyes and I walked past the gates of

    the house to the path that I’d taken only once in my life. The path that

    lead to the town with nice people…

    I learned over time to wear faces, to smile when tears were inside me, to

    do things to please the one’s around me for my benefit, to shake hands

    biting down wrath… I learned to be selfish, to forget the one’s we love,

    dissolve both bonds and bounds…

    And somewhere as I lay sick at a corner of home, I looked back. Back at the

    way I’d come, the battles I’d fought… I had everything I needed in life,

    but I didn’t know if I won this battle. The monsters I’d wanted to fight

    were the people around me. I looked at my hands that had been tired of

    fighting for my gains, scarred of sins that would never wash away… My mom

    and dad were with me. But they’d never liked it here, here where we smile

    with bitter hatred, fight to be better than the other, fearless as a lion

    but to kill one’s own brother. Letting go, the feelings of the one’s around

    us, hurting them till they die…

    I went back along the path that I had taken that day. Things were silent

    and the same as it was before. But I couldn’t stomach it. It had lost its

    beauty. Or my eyes had so long been disused that I couldn’t see the

    beauty… I walked faster amazed that it was this far when I was a kid. It

    started to rain as I walked on. Drenched in cold and wet I reached the

    threshold of my house. I could hear my old voices echoing, my mum answering

    to my tantrums, voices of all of us laughing out loud at the jokes we

    shared… This was home… But now it was broken. I wished I’d never left it to

    fight those monsters, those people who are one on the inside and another

    above… For I’d lost that battle and I’d become one of them. I could never

    be myself again. The peace that home gave

    in the thundering rain was momentary. Past the path I was a different man.

    The rain wouldn’t wash away the past and wouldn’t kill the flames that

    burnt inside me. It only made the shadows behind me leap higher…

    My life was almost over. But just a thought over choices I made. Tired and

    numb, standing in the rain, I looked ahead up the path, long from where it

    starts to its narrow bends and down to where it all blurred and


    Vijay Velayudhan