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  • Features to consider when buying a Tablet PC

    Posted on July 2nd, 2010 jes No comments

    Tablet PCs made a revolutionary hit in the market making 2010 the year of tablets.  The tablet PCs combines the technology of a PDA and mobility of a notebook. It created a new wave in the technology world and made it a success in the computing environment. With unbeatable PC like functionalities, the tablet PCs gained their own prominent space in the computing space.

    The world’s leading companies offer unique features and applications with sleek designs to conquer the hearts of millions. The crowded and competing market creates a tough problem to a new customer. To choose a perfect tablet, it needs to understand the features offered by each company and tablet pc reviews will help you to get a wider perspective. The tablet PCs come in slate and convertible models. The folding option is provided by the convertible tablet PCs while the slate model has to keyboard. The tablet pc reviews points out that portability and easy surfing feature makes it more popular. As the apple’s tablet misses certain features, there are many popular iPad alternatives in the tablet market.

    While considering the iPad alternatives, you need to keep special emphasis on the operating system. The powerful OS in the current scenario is undoubtedly the Google’s Android, but the Microsoft’s windows7 is also gaining popularity. You have to select the latest version of Android 2.2OS when you look for android tablet PCs.

    The first thing to look is flexibility so that you can use a stylus or a digital pen. Try to choose portable slim and ultra-thin tablet PC with long battery life. Make sure that the tablet PC has the latest wireless capability and Bluetooth.

    You have to consider the display size as well as the camera features. Another determinant should be applications and ideal storage space. You need to consider all these essential features to buy a tablet PC.

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